Cold Plate Market 2019 – Aavid, Lytron, Asia Vital Components, Wakefield-Vette, AMS Technologies

A Cold Plate is an aluminum or other plate containing internal tubing through which a liquid coolant is forced, to absorb heat transferred to the plate by transistors and other components mounted on it. It is one of the most common liquid cooling solutions that makes use of direct contact between the Cold Plate and the object to be cooled. This direct contact allows the heat to be efficiently conducted. Cold Plate offers many advantages over forced air cooled heat sinks such as performance, noise level and reliability.
Currently, in this industry, Aavid hold 19.5% of the global market share. In the United States and Europe, Aavid, Lytron, Wakefield-Vette, Wolverine Tube and Columbia-Staver are important players in the market. Asia Vital Components and Xenbo Electric are the Chinese market leaders.
China is the world’s largest exporting country. Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and the United States need to import cold plate from China. In addition, many companies set up production bases in China. At the same time, China can also produce OEM cold plate. It should be noted that some of Aavid’s products come from China or India (OEM form).
At present, in addition to high power electronic equipment, more and more IGBTs and laser devices require a high-performance cold plate. Due to the upgrading of power equipment in developing countries, the application of high power electronic equipment and power conversion equipment will continue to be the most important application of the cold plate. IGBTs and laser devices may be the main driving force in the future market. The new design will increasingly reflect the characteristics of various types of cold plates.

According to this study, over the next five years the Cold Plate market will register a 3.7% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach US$ 300 million by 2024, from US$ 240 million in 2019. In particular, this report presents the global market share (sales and revenue) of key companies in Cold Plate business.

Global Cold Plate Market report comprises an elaborative summary of the Cold Plate industry as well as different market structures and characteristics. The study examines the historic and present market values to calculate the market shares for the forecast period from 2018 to 2025.Regional segmentation of Cold Plate Market includes China, South East Asia, India, USA, Europe and Japan.

It showcases Cold Plate market directs, major tendencies and policies, and crunch. Later evaluate the Cold Plate deployment models, guidelines for future business, strategies for business and approaches. Report also focuses on company profiles of Cold Plate market players along with detailed competitive landscape. Additionally, the growth projection of Cold Plate market trends, product overview, product scope, and emphasis of income, developing countries and their business strategies, obstructs and opportunities available in the Cold Plate market.

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Global Cold Plate Market Report explores the following key aspects of the market:

1. Competitors Review of Cold Plate Market:

This section explains the competitive outlook scenario seen among important Cold Plate players comparatively. Also delineates their company profile, revenue, sales, business tactics and forecast Cold Plate industry situations.

Top manufacturers are
Asia Vital Components
AMS Technologies
Wolverine Tube
Xenbo Electric
TAT Technologies
TE Technology
ZETA Electronics
Kawaso Texcel
Suzhou Wint Electric
Tucker Engineering
Shanghai Kissthermal
MaxQ Technology
SysCooling Technology
HS Marston

2. This report also covers the overall information and data analysis of the industry including supply chain scenario, industry standards, and import/export shares.
This part reviews production volume, capacity with respect to major Cold Plate regions, and the price. Similarly, it covers Cold Plate product types that are
Formed tube Cold Plate
Deep drilled Cold Plate
Machined channel Cold Plates
Pocketed folded-fin Cold Plates

Applications of Cold Plate Market are
High Power Electronic Equipment
Laser Device
Power Conversion Equipment
Medical Equipment
Defence and Aerospace

3. Sales Margin and Revenue Review of Cold Plate Market:

It examines based on key regions, price, revenue and target Cold Plate customers.

4. Supply and Demand Review of Cold Plate Market:

It presents the supply/demand seen in major regions along with Cold Plate import/export scenario.

5. Other key reviews of Cold Plate Market:

For methodical understanding, report further provides clusters of supportive and frightful incidents faced by industry professionals along with complex and profitable arguments. Further, the Cold Plate market both size and sales volume combine to major players in the market, have been identified in the report. Along with depth data of the Cold Plate market outlook with respect to consumption, and convictions over the globe.

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This report also covers the overall information and data analysis of the industry including supply chain scenario, industry standards, import/export shares, and SWOT analysis of the major leading players have been served in the report. Vendors in the global Cold Plate market are featured to explore their operations to developing regions. Furthermore, This report is an important source which offers data validation, essential insights into market, present market scenario and forecast market share to enter into Cold Plate business and gain diverse range of work entities along with company profiles of the market including their contact details, manufacturing technologies, gross margin of industry and consumer volume. A detailed analysis of the supply chain in the report will help readers to grasp Cold Plate market clearly. Subsequently, it gives a list of top traders, distributers, and suppliers of Cold Plate industry with research findings, conclusions, and appendix.

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