Bitcoin (BTC/USD) price analysis for next couple of days


Bitcoin (BTC) price has been going through a lot of correction lately and while there has been some upward movement, there are a lot of questions surrounding the short term future of the crypto.

If we look at what happened on Friday, the BTC/USD trading pair bounced from a trend line during the trading session on Friday and managed to cross the $14,000 levels globally on an average. Because of this there is a possibility that the weekend will continue with the bullish trend.

Analysts, traders and investors are all looking forward the bitcoin (BTC) regaining its bullish run that we witnessed in late 2017. Until the crypto surpasses $15,000 levels again, the future doesn’t look too optimistic for the short term.

This could end up being an opportunity to sell for another attempt at the uptrend line, but I suspect we are going to see volatility more than anything else. Monday.

Bitcoin (BTC/JPY) trend has been substantially declining over the last couple of trading sessions and there is a strong possibility that it will continue. The market will most likely go down to ¥1.5 million levels over the next several sessions, where it should find plenty of buyers. The volume is reasonably quiet, so I think this is a simple continuation of the overall consolidated move.

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