Symmetry cryptocurrency fund aims to minimize crypto investment confusion

Cryptocurrency awareness is leading to an explosion in number of users across exchanges with many seeking to use cryptocurrencies as a form of investment. However, confusion prevails about where to begin.

At least on cryptocurrency seeks to solve this issue by offering a structure that is very similar to mutual funds. Symmetry Fund boasts a less risky and less confusing structure for a cryptocurrency fund, promising large returns on initial investments. A driving factor behind this is that is cuts down on the complexity of investing in crypto which allows investors to focus less energy on managing their resources. The project also aims to create a stable, transparent fund as cryptocurrency is becoming more intertwined with governments and establishments, a possible sign of future regulatory policies.

SYMM plans to generate most of its revenue through various cryptocurrency trades, much like a mutual fund will invest in stocks or bonds. The firm also plans to invest in promising ICOs early, similar to Ethereum or Litecoin, which promises large returns if done responsibly.

While SYMM isn’t the first to offer users an easier means to deal with cryptocurrency, they are certainly the first to make key changes that will ensure investors make profitable returns.

One problem the firm intends to assuage is the manner in which funds charge investors. Current mutual funds will take a set percentage of portfolio annually, a system that benefits fund managers more than investors. However, SYMM will charge their clients based on the performance of the fund, meaning SYMM only receives payment when investors do well.

Additionally, the company has a reserve system in place to prevent any large-scale losses. SYMM will retain 10% of their portfolio in fiat currencies in order to mitigate risks associated with the large price fluctuations of cryptocurrency. Although the 10% will be exposed to the large spikes in the cryptocurrency market, this means it will not be exposed to the dips either.

Lastly, SYMM has authorized the use of a third-party auditor to emphasize transparency and credibility for investors.
Symmetry Fund ICO and SYMM Tokens

Symmetry Fund’s ICO is scheduled in two rounds. The first round began on December 10th, 2017 and will continue until February 10th, 2018. The second round begins on February 10, 2018 and runs through April 10, 2018.

Each share comes as a SYMM token. During the initial ICO, these will be offered at an initial value of 0.1 ETH and can then be traded at market rates, allowing holders to cash out at any time.

The soft cap for the ICO is 3,000 ETH, which has almost been reached with an entire month yet to go in the first round. There is no hard cap.

At the conclusion of both rounds, dividends for each round are expected to be paid out. The first payment will come in April 2018 for first-round investors, and in June 2018 for second-round investors.

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