STEEM Blockchain Freeze Features Stress Brewing With TRON and Justin Sun

STEEM tweeted: “Well Said.” In response to CZ Binance, who tweeted:  “I am aware of discussions happening between Justin/TRON and certain key witnesses. I hope you work it out ASAP. Blockchains should NOT have freeze features.”
CZ opined that if the problem related to the Freeze features is not solved properly that it will lead to a lot of damage to the credibility of STEEM and its price.  The price of STEEM he stated is holding up now just because both the sides are trying to buy more coins to vote. He reinstated on how important it is to stand united and to fall divided. Steemit caught up the attention of Justin Tron by tweeting about how they would like to work with Justin Tron.  But, Steemit warned that it is not just right freezing features.  Further clarified stating, Maybe there’s miscommunicated & misinterpreted intention, we are where we are today, but the only way to move forward is through conversations. Steemit responded as stated above in response to Justin Sun’s tweet which read:  “Our intention is never to take over any blockchain but to protect the sanctity of private property! On Feb. 22, some ppl froze 65 million STEEM legally owned by Steemit. On March 3, the same ppl are trying to freeze exchanges assets. We need to stop it!

STEEM Talks Disagreements and Opinions

There is a lot of talks, disagreements and opinions doing the rounds about the “taking over the STEEM Blockchain.” CZ wrote in his tweet that he did not want to be involved, but that it was not possible for him to be that way.  He wrote that he did approve the vote from Binance, thinking wrongly that it was a regular fork.  He apologized for doing it.  He stated that he guessed that it was only fair in getting involved until the issues are resolved. He also questioned on how Justin can take the right to use those coins, which there is a promise in the community that these coins might never be used. CZ also stated that Justin Sun buys a failing company and wins the political struggle fair and square by way of following the rules.  The response was different from different members. Perhaps the scenario should cool down for a trustworthy summary on the matter. We at TCAT are not willing to hurt anyone though!

Richard Newman

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