People Smells Something Fishy: Why Does Pro-Bitcoin Currently on Read-Only Mode in Telegram?

Many folks are surprised and now wondering about the reason behind why a Pro-Bitcoin news outlet referred to as Nakamoto is currently on a Read-Only Mode in Telegram! The news outlet was publicized on 3rd January to enable industry thought leaders to share cool and awesome content regarding cryptocurrencies.

The Nakamoto website is one of those platforms that strive to establish a place for people where they can get quality cultural, philosophical, and technical content. The platform is ideal for those people who are supporters and enthusiasts of cryptocurrency in general, whether they are a newbie or pro in the topic.

As stated on their official website, contributors at the platform share one non-negotiable value. This value is that all of them should be pro-Bitcoin for the long-term.

It’s worth mentioning that the majority of contributors in Nakamoto are top communities that compete Bitcoin. One of these is the co-founder of the Arrington XRP Capital, Michael Arrington. Michael is currently a writer on the said platform. He was able to write and publish his very first content on the platform, sharing topics on how much it will take an average person to understand the subject of cryptocurrency as a whole.

Apart from Michael, Roger Ver is another contributor to the platform who is another Bitcoin Cash supporter. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, is also present in the platform. As one might guess, the list of contributors has initiated some argument and debate in the realm crypto. Others might not stop thinking about what conspiracy this platform is up to.

Nonetheless, the platform is very transparent about their goal, indicating that writers should be pro-Bitcoin. Still, others can’t stop thinking that most of them are leading other ingenuities.

Nakamoto Telegram Channel: Where the Controversy All Started

There are more things crypto fans noticed from Nakamoto apart from their list of contributors, which somewhat go against the values of the news platform. In case you didn’t know yet, their official Telegram account was made ideally for the cryptocurrency community. The objective of the page is to allow the community to share their insights regarding the content of the platform. Surprisingly, their page underwent “read-only mode.”

For those who weren’t able to see it, the pinned message said that it was caused by the “trolls and spambots.” If you were one of us, would you believe that a platform managed by the community manager of Ethereum and has approximately 2,240 members infiltrated by trolls and spambots? This situation triggered a suspicion that they will utilize the forum as a channel for those non-BTC coins.

How true that it was caused by spambots and trolls?

Michael Arrington, the contributor of the Nakamoto website, took his response on Twitter that the read-only made was because of the quick and increasing development of the group. Later on, he replied to his own tweet that he could not actually talk about the REAL reason behind the said problem.


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