The Cryptocurrency Space needs a platform to help Certify the Truth

Fake news must not dominate the Blockchain

The rate at which fake news is increasing nowadays is surprising. People, companies, or organizations present stories they don’t know anything about as though it is factual. Nobody wishes to confirm the source of a story as to uncover the truth. And this is critically affecting innocent people/investors, especially on the crypto space.

Investors lose funds when people post their opinion as facts. And because of the influence that some people have on others, this kind of error can be damaging.

MiracleTele posted an update today which was shocking. It posted a screenshot from LAtoken website which stated that the project (MiracleTele) will run its IEO in some 77days time.

MiracleTele pointed out in its twitter post two days ago that it was fake news tagging the exchange involved. Obviously, it might have been an error on the exchange part (or not).

LAtoken stated that they do not guarantee any information posted on its IEO Launchpad:

 Information on this webpage is presented by a project and is not endorsed or verified by LATOKEN unless it is explicitly stated. Neither LATOKEN nor any of its officers, directors, agents and employees makes any warranty, express or implied, of any kind whatsoever related to the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of information on this web page.


One would expect that they make amends immediately as they have been notified on twitter. But, surprisingly, this information has not been taken down (find here) after more than 24hours. For a company that seeks credibility, it is important that they respond quickly to this kind of notification.

This is an error The Currency Analytics will not make. It verifies every information it gives from reliable sources before posting them. Bulky information does not matter if they are fake. Webmasters know that the more the information they possess, the greater their income. But, one thing is certain: bulky information full of fakes will not last- that is how it works in the world we are in- reputation matters. Many times you expect to see some trending news on The Currency Analytics but No. This is because the professionals confirm the news first before making it public. It has been found that most trending news is fake.

For Sydney Ifergan, the crypto guru and CEO of the Currency Analytics, reputation comes first before profit.

‘The Currency Analytics is opening its platform for people, companies or organizations that have been lied against, misquoted, misjudged or misunderstood to present the truth of the matter’ opined Ayobami Abiola in a Tweet.

The Currency Analytics is a top, google approved cryptocurrency news platform that places great value on presenting real news while fighting against fake news through its REAL protocol.