Why are land-based casino players apprehensive of playing online?

Despite the rising popularity of online casinos, many brick and mortar casino players are apprehensive of playing on the virtual plane. Such negative attitude from players deters several land-based casinos to extend operations online under the fear of losing out on players. The post below discusses the usual apprehensions of players about playing online and how a blockchain crypto-based solution can resolve these issues.

Concerns about payments

One of the major reasons why many land-based casino players still prefer not to play online is apprehensions about the payment system. A lot of players are of the notion that if they hit a big jackpot, online casinos may not pay them. And if they pay, it’s going to be a long drawn process. It’s because, with online casinos, players don’t find a physical human cashier as they find in a land-based casino. It creates a trust gap with online casinos and hence a natural apathy towards such platforms.

High fees for online payments

Online casino gambling often involves staggering withdrawal and deposit fees that become quite a burden for many players. Internet casinos don’t accept credit card or Interac payments. They count on payment service aggregators and providers which charge a hefty commission from them. As a result, these casino sites include that charge onto the operating costs which the players have to pay.

Absence of unified loyalty benefits

Online casinos are not usually connected to physical gaming portals. As a result, the loyalty club of a virtual casino is managed separately online. It implies that if a player is associated with a physical casino’s loyalty club, he won’t get the similar perks when that same casino goes online. So, naturally, many players who gamble in brick-and-mortar casinos are not willing to sign up with their online versions.

Crypto-based gambling portal could resolve the problems

The aforementioned problems could be resolved by a crypto-based gambling platform. Pbet is an emerging crypto-based gaming platform which is developed to converge land-based casinos with online casinos but the without the typical problems of players mentioned above. The portal will create an Omni-Channel Unified gaming ecosystem where there will be a strong synergy between both online and physical casinos. The Pbet system has its own token (PBET) and  it will facilitate cryptocurrency payments that assure reduced fees in online casinos and also quasi-immediate payments. Moreover, Pbet’s unified gaming platform will develop a combined loyalty and rewards system that will apply simultaneously to physical casinos and their online versions.

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