Will Traditional Investors Ever be able to experience the Blockchain Technology?

Ten years after its launch, Bitcoin is still in its infancy. Its market is unpredictable thus hard for traditional stock investors to make a profit with it. Its father, the stock market is on the other hand predictable as anyone with the know-how can make a profit over a period of time. Stock markets can be studied with tools created by professionals to make profits.

After the initiation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, many stock or traditional traders and investors lost their funds for the assumption that cryptocurrency markets are as predictable as the traditional counterpart. This kind of experience scared many traditional investors away from anything cryptocurrency and blockchain. One can say that over the past few years, the cryptocurrency space has experienced very few entrances by the traditional investors. There is no doubt that many traditional investors wish to experience the cutting edge technology, yet not leave their known ground- the stock/equity market.

Blockchain and the Stock Market

Blockchain developers have not given up on making the stock market accessible to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and vice versa. Take a look at some of these great Innovations.

XinFin partnered with Aix to create a Bond creation platform. Now, companies can create smart bonds launched on the blockchain and tradeable on secondary exchanges like Aix. With this development, traditional investors can take advantage of blockchain technology while not leaving their known ground. This development also enables companies, organizations, and government all over the world to create tokenized bonds without the need of a blockchain developer.

Aidos Kuneen ADK is said to have created the first blockchain based token which is also tradeable on the stock market as an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

AhrvoDeex thinks it will be too much of a stress to create a separate security token for each stock if they will be on the blockchain. Instead, it is launching an alternative trading platform for traditional traders which is a decentralized Equity Exchange. The exchange will allow traditional traders to experience the security and other benefits of blockchain technology. The platform implements a blockchain order matching engine to mirror traders’ portfolio. The portfolio is settled in real times as trades occur. Thus eliminating intermediaries like clearing houses and their huge fees.

Blockium, on the other hand, sees the stock market as complicating and risky for beginners. Many have lost so much because it is so hard to understand for them. Therefore, it is creating a gaming platform with super low risk for friends to compete with themselves. Friends can do trading competitions and challenge themselves. Players do not have to deposit the assets they are trading in the competition. The platform tracks assets in real time. Winners win BOK tokens which are used for betting on the platform.

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