Bitcoin Price to test the $9,500 level – Scam Altcoins get resting Place

Bitcoin has crossed past the significant barrier at $9,000, and it is now sustaining its range above this. It is expected for Bitcoin to stay supported above these ranges providing for sharp gains in its price. The price could next test the $9,500 level.

BTC/USD, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, are in the top three ranks.

Several small-cap Altcoins are gaining more than 6%, which includes MXM, MONA, GRIN, BTM, BCN, BAT, and ZIL. Those who are finding the right price to sell are following the ranges for TCAT tokens and other small range tokens. EOS has been driving the market higher by 4% increase in the recent 24 hours. Several other Altcoins are gaining traction.

A team of 4 have launched a graveyard website to list cryptocurrencies which have become a failure. Several of them have lost their money by betting on worthless coins. The founders stated, “With all the shitcoins piling on — going to almost 1,000 different bad investments — we felt there was a need for a shitcoin graveyard that can provide comic relief for the rekt shitcoin holders and educate at the same time. Never forget: Don’t give an sht! Except if you are visiting our site.”

Yannick Eckl stated shitcoingraveyard has collected more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies and considering the social media impression and the reducing trading volume, almost 900 of them are already dead.
Eckl stated, “The world needs a place for all the dead cryptocurrencies and tokens to rest in peace,” he further added “The last honour for exit scams, rekt coins, tokens, and digital cloud-castles — a place where rekt sh*tcoin holders get entertained and educated while waiting for the moon.”

For those who have lost their money, this website can be an unfortunate reminder of the past, but for the rest, it is like an invitation to laugh.

Eckl opines that Libra of Facebook is an overhyped cryptocurrency, which he feels has experienced an untimely demise.

He stated that “It is funny how everybody thinks it will be a massive boost for Bitcoin,” He further states, “I don’t even see it as a real cryptocurrency.” He does not even consider it to be a real cryptocurrency. About 79% of the voters in a recent poll are not trusting Facebook’s Libra when compared to several other payment services provided by banks.

Meanwhile, several cryptocurrencies are delisting more numbers of Altcoins from the exchange. They are determined to limit trading in the US. There has been an exchange which is targeting the US audience lately.

Marjory Lewis

Marjory is a science graduate with interest in new technological innovations. She has been attracted to blockchain from the very beginning and covers bitcoin and blockchain news for Bitcoin Journal.

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