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PR: An introduction to Digipharm and its platforms

DIGIPHARM is pioneering the use of blockchain to create a value-based healthcare delivery model. DIGIPHARM will automate the implementation of pricing agreements for healthcare, allowing the reimbursement of health pharmaceuticals or technology according to patient outcomes.

We believe that the DIGIPHARM platform will act as a catalyst for the advancement of healthcare systems’ reimbursement models from “fee for service” to “fee for performance.” Value-based healthcare provides rewards to manufacturers or health service providers according to the effectiveness of their innovations or services while increasing the value those healthcare providers can bring to their patients. From the patient perspective, they will experience lower barriers to receiving the treatment they need and reduced expenditure on therapies that do not work.

DIGIPHARM is ultimately aiming to launch a suite of digital healthcare tools from its project pipeline. Reimburse is the world’s first smart contract platform for flexible pricing of healthcare based on treatment performance.

Reimburse Platform

The Reimburse platform is accessible by the manufacturer and the healthcare provider (or payer) who wishes to procure the drug from the manufacturer under a value-based payment model.

The platform operates based on blockchain-powered smart contracts that automatically execute the terms of the outcome-based pricing agreement. The next section will outline how to set up such a smart contract using the Reimburse system.


Smart Contracts on Reimburse

Upon entering the system, the user starts on their dashboard. The dashboard is fully customizable depending on the organization and access level of the specific team member within the organization.

A contract may be set up by either of the two parties (e.g. manufacturer or healthcare provider). The individual setting up the contract must have sufficient authority to be able to validate the contract on behalf of the organization.

Before initiating the creation of the contract for value-based payments, Reimburse requires inputs regarding the treatment, target outcomes and pricing criteria.

DIGPHARM–The Future of Healthcare

Healthcare is an $8.5 trillion industry, and DIGIPHARM is well-positioned to take advantage of the unique benefits that blockchain can bring to the sector. We have a pipeline of future projects that will multiply the value offering of Reimburse, bringing further benefits to manufacturers, patients, and healthcare providers alike.

Planned future launches from DIGIPHARM include Digihealth, a data and information repository that patients can be compensated for sharing data with Digipharm tokens (DPH) or search to find personalized results to help them make healthcare-related decisions. DIGIPHARM have already sealed a partnership with EncrypGen with regards to the creation of a health data marketplace.

Insights is another project which will allow healthcare providers and developers to use real-world evidence pulled directly from the Reimburse platform.

The Digipharm IEO Second round will commence on Coineal Exchange one the 18th-22nd of June and will be listed for trading on both Coineal and Coinall (OKEX partner exchange) simultaneously on the 24th of June.

For further information, please visit the DIGIPHARM website or follow our progress on our social media channels.


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