Several Entities Looking to Dominate the Bitcoin Market by Investing Millions of Dollars

The superrich with interest in buying Bitcoin is doing it through investment platforms.  These platforms are looked upon as “platforms for maximizing digital holdings.”  Several entities are looking to dominate the Bitcoin market by investing millions of dollars in thousands of trades.

The overall cryptocurrency market cap is going higher, and it is likely to break the $270 Billion.  The price of Bitcoin SV rallied to as high as 100%, and it traded in the $180 through $200 ranges in resistance levels. Bitcoin cash as well crossed the $450 barrier.

The doubling of the Bitcoin price has been happening at the expense of the Altcoins.  What goes up will have to come down.  A fall in the Bitcoin dominance will likely have the Altcoins revive.  The slow decline of Bitcoin is seen as it falls back down to 55.3 in percentage.  This is the lowest price ever since the beginning of this month.

The dominance of BTC is up when compared to early this year; however, the slow decline is likely indicative of Altcoins resurgence.

At the point in time when the price of BTC was down, traders would exchange Bitcoin for Altcoins.  Therefore, both of these tokens are inversely correlated.  This might happen over again.  There will not be an Altseason until the decline goes below 50%.

The Altseason might happen when the Bitcoin pulls back.  A possible 30% correction is expected for Bitcoin.  During the past uptrends, a pullback has happened for nearly eight times.

Several Altcoins are already starting to pump off.  They are waking up. When Bitcoin touches upon a correction, the price is likely to surge a lot than it is today.

There is a lot of discussion going on about the gaps in the Bitcoin price.  These gaps are often left filled or left unfilled.  The gaps are considered as targets to be fulfilled at the future cost.  The gaps also hint as to where Bitcoin might find support during the correction process.  The gaps are currently below the current price levels.

These unfilled gaps get filled during a later point in time.  Filling a gap is the process by which the asset will get back to the previous price levels.  A void in the market chart is formed during the process.  While the trading sessions are offline, there will be likely a lower or higher level in trading prices mostly driven by emotions.

Marjory Lewis

Marjory is a science graduate with interest in new technological innovations. She has been attracted to blockchain from the very beginning and covers bitcoin and blockchain news for Bitcoin Journal.

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