Bitcoin Mixer – a mixing service that offers anonymity beyond doubt

  • An easy to use bitcoin mixing service
  • Affordable and trustworthy
  • Better security and increase anonymity
  • No registration required
  • Better services

Recently, Bitcoinmix, a bitcoin mixing service launched its operations. This is a company that is focused on making bitcoin user get the anonymity they so desired. The company started its operation back in 2017 and has been growing larger every since. One can access the service through their website on Through the site, you can use Bitcoins anyway you want without worrying about some eyes on your back.

According to their website “Bitcoin Mixer (Blender) is something that helps you shuffle your bitcoins using our algorithm and secure identity”. Not very many services can be trusted to offer such a level of assurance.

Bitcoinmix charges a random commission of 2-5%. This is applicable to every transaction. Unlike any other services, you are free to choose the transaction fee you want. You choice will determine how fast or long the transaction lasts. The customer care service is open for all who may be facing a problem.

With so many Bitcoin mixing services on the market, you need a service you can trust. This is because many of the services on the market are unstable. You will be giving your investment to a company that can fall off any time. Bitcoinmix has so far proven to be trustworthy. Perhaps it is time we finally see something better in the crypto-realm.


  • No logs stored. There is not organization or individual that can come to Bitcoinmix for questions about your activities online. This what keeps the users completely anonymous.
  • Help with uncompleted transactions. This is occurrence that happens a lot that some transactions fail to complete. Even though, no logs are kept only the information about uncompleted transaction are stored.
  • Email safety. Any email you send to the company is scrapped from the system after 24 hours. This is to ensure no one can use such information to track your activities. Emails are the number one source of trouble when it comes to anonymity and online security.
  • Fully automated. No need for human assistance as the system is fully automated. The mixer works its magic and removes all information that is not supposed to exist. This gives it efficiency and great transaction speed.

About Bitcoinmix

Many people, especially new to the Bitcoin network still believe Bitcoin is anonymous. However, that is not the case, as Bitcoin is described only as pseudo-anonymous. This means government agents and hackers can spy on what you are doing with your coins. If you hold a lot of BTC, hackers can still all of them. Bitcoinmix comes in to give you that anonymity. It helps you shuffle the Bitcoins so that no one can track you transactions. You can use this service to make purchases online, make p2p payments and donations.

This is the best mixer that keeps your anonymity at the top. It is all you need to protect you income and personal information.

Richard Newman

Richard is the Editor-in-chief of Bitcoin Journal. He has over 10 years of experience with the news industry mainly handling the editorial cycle.

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