Top 10 eth addresses revealed

The world’s richest Ethereum holders have been revealed and from the looks of it these top ten addresses have a combined total of 10,833,722 eth, translating to 10.84 per cent of all current supply at 99,865,752.

From the looks of it, the top three ethereum addresses have never seen a withdrawal and have only received eth in tune of 4,556,297 eth combined. This incoming only transaction pattern indicates that these three addresses are most likely cold wallets. The data also indicates that two of the 10 addresses have extensive number of transactions and it could be said with a fair degree of certainty that these are addresses held by exchanges.

In total, 34,352,624 eth is held by the top 100 addresses, translating to 34.40% of total supply. That’s far less than in EOS which after a year long ICO still ended up with the top 100 addresses owning 75% of all tokens, and the top ten alone owning 50% of all EOS.

For ethereum, you can get into the top 1,000 if you have more than 11,000 eth, or $6.4 million. Some 5,000 eth gets you into the top 2290 holders, while with 2,000 eth you might just about make it into the top 5,000.

An important number for ethereum is that 1,500 line which allows you to stake on your own once Hybrid Casper is implemented later this summer or early autumn.

You’d be in the top 6,000 if you have it, but undoubtedly there will be plenty of pools, with exchanges most likely offering staking services.

Etherscan data goes only so far, and that’s 800 eth for the top 10,000. That’s just about half a million dollars at current prices. One nice London house for top 10k eth position.

That suggests, in a way, ethereum is still somewhat fairly small. As such, as it grows, the network should become more and more distributed in ownership.

Just as an example, the top 50 ethereum addresses held 40% of all coins two years ago soon after eth launched, now that’s down to 27%.

Much of it, as stated, is exchanges or ICOs, with EthDev, which we assume to be the Ethereum Foundation, another big holder at 13th position with 669,816 eth, worth around $400 million, or 0.67% of all coins.

The trend so far has been for ethereum coins ownership to become more distributed as time goes by, but the network has seemingly already reached a stage where it can say it is far more egalitarian than the fiat system where just three men own as much as 3.6 billion people.

Richard Newman

Richard is the Editor-in-chief of Bitcoin Journal. He has over 10 years of experience with the news industry mainly handling the editorial cycle.

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